The Common City Conference

Call for Abstracts

Uppsala (Sweden) 11-13 September, 2024

How is the common city of the future to be produced, created, built and imagined? How are different forms of urban commoning experienced worldwide? What obstacles and struggles should we expect in creating and fostering the urban commons? What are the key facilitating conditions, forms of organising and possible institutions for maintaining the urban commons? How can we define the common city in ways that help overcome capitalist urban and social relations? To what extent are the struggles for the right to the city, and for housing and urban justice at the core of urban commoning?

Keynote speakers: Don Mitchell, Rita Velloso, Irene Molina, Dominika Polanska and Miguel A. Martínez.

The conference will be focused on three strands:
1) Urban struggles for the right to the city and urban commons
2) Activist research: methodological reflexivity and practical experiences
3) Housing and Urban (In)Justice in Global North & South contexts

Deadline to submit an abstract (up to 300 words): 1 April, 2024. Submissions are received through the following form: